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Ideas for hosting a Star Wars themed party that is out of this world!

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Who are we?

As you guessed, we are self-professed Star Wars nuts (though we’d prefer for you to think of us as your personal Star Wars gurus.)  We are geeks, artists, gamers, and cos-players. We know Star Wars and we know parties.


Though most of us are from the original trilogy era, we are avid followers of the prequels, the new movies, TV series, and even some of the books.  We collect toys and Legos, and make Star Wars costumes.


We had our first “May the Fourth be with You Party” in 2011, before Star Wars-themed parties were a “thing.”  At the time there were few ready-made items for sale and even fewer DIY ideas available online. So we made our own.  Over the years our parties have grown bigger, geekier, and way more fun.  By now we have an expansive library of Star Wars-themed food, games, and exclusive décor ideas up our sleeves. We also have a curated list of our favorite Star Wars items to purchase online.


Since 2011 we have helped with weddings, birthdays, movie watching events, costume parties, as well as countless may the fourth be with you parties.  And now we are hoping to help you with your event.

What exactly are the services we offer?

We consider ourselves to be curators of Star Wars ideas and fun!


You don’t need to spend dozens of hours online researching party ideas, food, games, and costumes; just contact us, and we will help you find the perfect ideas for your event.


You can join as a member, and get our access to our exclusive downloadables, ideas, and links. Or you can chat with us in person, and we will come up with the ultimate party ideas together.  We will email you personalized menus, lists, and links, while answering any questions you might have.  We can even answer questions you didn't even know you needed answers to:


Q: Is it ever OK to arm 4 year olds with lightsabers while inside?

A: NO!


Q: Which brand of silicone molds work better for chocolate than all the others?

A: Kotobukiya


Q: What beer is the most apropos for a Star Wars party?

A: Samuel Adams Rebel IPA


Q: How do you prevent your living room carpet from being covered in Wookiee fur?

A: You vacuum the Wookiee costume (with the wand attachment) before wearing it. Blowing it with a leaf-blower also works well.


Go to our Services page to get more details about what services we offer.

About Us

Creative- and copyrights are important!

We are not affiliated with LucasFilm Ltd or Disney, nor do we own any licensing rights to any Star Wars items. Thus, we do not sell and mass produce any un-licensed Star Wars items as part of our packages, nor do we share LucasFilm Ltd copyrighted material as part of those paid packages.


As such, all of the downloadable or customized/personalized items for purchase are thematic, but do not contain any actual Star Wars logos or licensed characters/images/audio/movie clips.


We do use licensed material in our Star Wars fan-art included in our free blog.  All of our items featured there are one-of-a-kind and made for fun (not sale), and their purpose is purely to give other fans ideas for intergalactic fun.


Now, we expect the same curtesy from you.  You are welcome to share pictures of your event based on our ideas, but you have to give the proper credit and include the link to our site.  You may not, re-produce or make, and then sell any of our designs/ideas.  You may also not share the downloads with other people (online or in person).


If you are a party professional using our ideas for a client, please contact us and let us know, and we can make arrangements.